Are British Shorthair Cat

​The British Shorthair cats are very well-known breed in the UK. These breeds are very sweet although they have tempered personalities, they love to establish a strong bond with their humans. One good thing about them is that they get along with other pets in the family or can be independent which makes them ideal for the family.

Describing their physical appearance, their body is muscular and solid. However, their personality is outgoing and very affectionate. The coat is short and comes in different colors and patterns. It should be groomed 2 or 3 times a week to remove unwanted hair.

​The British Shorthair cat is also called as ordinary garden cats. Known for their loving personality, these breeds dominate a physical strength which is used for hunting purposes. If you are considering adopting a British Shorthair cat, continue reading this article. In here, you’ll know all the important details about this breed and whether or not they are hypoallergenic. 

British Shorthair Cat

​This type of breed is very friendly, easy to be with and relaxed making it a great addition to the family. They love attention but not in a very trying hard way. They love following their human everywhere in the house and usually settle in a place near you wherever you are.

​In terms of voice, they are very quiet and do not demand too much affection. They do not sleep a lot or nap but loves to be by your side all the time. Since they are big, they do not like being carried around.

​Describing the activity level, they are moderate although expect them to be energetic in childhood years but eventually starts to calm down when they get old. Mature British Shorthairs spend more time on the couch while some adult ones love to run all around the house.

​When it comes to the house, this breed is not destructive. They welcome anyone in the household nicely.

What Do They Look Like?

British Shorthair Cat

​The British Shorthair has a large rounded head. The coat is short, thick and not very soft to touch. Since the coat is dense, they are surprisingly resistant to cold temperature and able to adjust to different kinds of weather.

​They also have one of the most beautiful color patterns. The blue one has become the most popular all through the years.

The Attitude

​These cats love to be with their owners, smart and affectionate. According to some sources, they act like a British way in terms of attitude. They possess a strong character but very sweet. They do not seek so much attention compares to other cats but they love to be cuddled. They are not trying hard or pushy and able to cope up with busy lifestyles.

Able to adapt to the environment. They get along very well with other pets in the household including dogs and are very safe with kids.

The Grooming Routine

British Shorthair Cat Grooming

​Their coat is very easy to groom since it is only short and thick. You need to brush them for about 1 or 2 times a week to make them look good all the time. Make sure to remove the dead hair during the grooming process. When they start to shed, they need to be groomed at least 3 or 4 times a week. The shedding usually happens for a couple of weeks during spring and autumn. It is also the period where a new set of coat grows.

​The same thing with other pets, the grooming process should also include trimming their claws and cleaning their ears. The kittens usually adapt easily in the grooming. Make sure to have their teeth and health being check weekly during these years.

Are British Shorthair Cats Hypoallergenic?

​British shorthair cats are friendly and active. As a matter of fact, they have been chosen as one of those hypoallergenic cats.

Health Risks

​British shorthair cats are healthy in general but some can have genetic health risks once inherit. They are at risk of getting heart problems and some bleeding issues like Hemophilia B.

How to Care for them?

the British Shorthair Cat

​This type of breed is easily groomed. Just make sure to brush their coat weekly to remove unwanted hair. A bath can be done once in a while. It’s always best to brush their teeth once a week to avoid periodontal disease.

​Daily dental care is highly recommended. Trim the nails once a week. Clean the corners of the eyes and remove any discharge using a soft cloth daily. To avoid spreading the infection, use a separate cloth for another eye. For ears, clean it weekly. If it appears dirty, clean it using a cotton ball. Use apple cider vinegar and warm water for this. Do not use cotton swabs as it can damage the interior part of the ear.

​Always clean the litter box, all cats are very discrete with their bathroom hygiene. Also, keep them indoors all the time to protect them from any possible attack from other pets and getting possible health problems. We are aware that any cat that loves to roam outside are at risk of being stolen, we don’t want that to happen to our feline friend.

Is It Safe for Kids and Other Pets?

​British shorthair cats are safe with kids and other pets at home. They love the attention they get from their family including the kids as long as they are treated right. Monitor your children and teach them how to treat cats in a right way.

Is It Really Right for You?

​This cat is lovely and can be a great pet for everyone who has time to spend with them. If you’re thinking about getting one, here are some things you need to know before you finally purchase one for yourself.

  • ​Can be lazy at times – British shorthair cats are at risk of obesity and overweight since they just love to sit in one place and eat.
  • You need to have patience – The cat usually become physically and mentally mature at the age of 5 years. Other cats take time to work on house training. Expect that the lifespan of this breed last for as long as 20 years which means you’ll be together for a long period of time.

​In general, British shorthair cats are cute, behave and healthy. Not all type of cats is good for families but this particular breed is good with kids and other pets at home. You will surely not have any problem finding this breed, but you want to find a good one, ask your vet for any recommendations.

​Are you thinking about owning a British Shorthair cat or are you looking for one? Let us share your thoughts in the comment.