Can Cats Eat Quinoa?

​Before we answer this important question, we need to understand a little bit more about quinoa.

Over the past few years, Quinoa (pronounced: Keen-Wah) has become increasingly popular in Europe and the USA. Eating quinoa has a number of benefits, partly because it is extremely high in fiber as well as being gluten free.

Obviously humans far and wide enjoy eating quinoa on a daily basis, but can cats eat quinoa? Before we can answer this question, let’s have a look inside quinoa to see what it is made up of. 

What Does Quinoa Contain?

​Quinoa has some awesome contents, including:

  • Protein – contains all 9 essential amino acids, which helps to build muscle.
  • Magnesium – magnesium is great for reducing a cat’s blood pressure.
  • Fiber – great for maintaining your cat’s glucose levels and excellent for the intestines.
  • Manganese and Copper – lots of antioxidants which will help your cat fight cancer.

​In short, everything about quinoa is healthy. That is why it is known as a “complete protein”. This means that quinoa contains all of the amino acids required to maintain a healthy diet – whether you are a cat or a human!

Things To Consider About Quinoa

​When cooked, quinoa is light, fluffy and has a unique flavor that some cats really enjoy. Quinoa is also excellent for diabetic cats – the low glycemic index supports an even blood sugar level. I have come across plenty of cat owners who incorporate quinoa into their cat’s diet. It is also frequently used in commercial cat foods as well as treats. It is worth mentioning that quinoa should only be given to your cat, once it has been cooked. Uncooked quinoa has been known to cause stomach upsets.

So, Can Cats Eat Quinoa?

Yes. They can. I like mixing quinoa into Giles’ dinners with some protein (lamb, poultry, rabbit, fish etc.) CatBeGood has a couple of great recipes that use quinoa in small amounts. I have also tried a great recipe by My Pawsitively Pets, which is very simple to make. It is important to remember that cats are carnivores, so it is best to mix in quinoa with other ingredients. As always, visit our best cat food list for up to date information on the best brands to be feeding your furry friend!