5 Reason Cat self-licking – Why does your cat bathe itself?

Ever noticed your cat closely through the day? Did you check the number of times your cat will be clicking itself? That’s the cat way of taking a bath!

Many cat owners are confused as to why cats are such clean freaks? Why does your cat bathe itself?

​They will stay indoors all the time and yet will lick their entire body at times. But what it is that prompts them to clean their body all over time and again? Today we will take a closer look at this habit of cats that keeps many cat owners bewildered when they think about it.

The process of the cat licking its entire body can easily be called as a bathing process. Unlike us humans, they prefer bathing themselves in their own saliva. However gross it might sound, it is perfectly normal for a cat. Moreover, it is also quite an important task as we will see shortly.

Now let us see why your cat cleans itself so much all through the day.

Cat bathe itself reason 1

​Cats are extremely neat and clean and licking themselves is a way of maintaining their cleanliness. After all, cleanliness is next to Godliness!

Reason 2

​Cats leave their scent on any place they inhabit. It is a way of marking their territory.

And, how do they do it?

Simply by rubbing their body on those areas. In order to do it they will have to ensure that their body carries the scent and licking themselves helps in doing it.

Your cat definitely loves being petted and loved. But once you are done stroking your cat you will find them licking their body. It’s simply to get rid of the human body smell and make sure that their own body smell remains, no offence meant towards you! Here’s a fun fact, your cat even leaves its smell on you. it sure is possessive about its hooman!

Reason 3

​Cats lick themselves to keep their body cool and fresh. It is quite similar to why we take bath. The body becomes clean and as the saliva evaporates it decreases the overall body temperature. It is a great way to make sure that they remain clean as well as cool, even during the hot days. Do not forget that the cat’s body is covered with fur which will trap some amount of heat at all times. Licking their body helps in maintaining the body temperature.

Reason 4

​There is an important property of the cat saliva. It stimulates the root of the cat’s hairs to release a substance that will keep the cat waterproof. Now if that isn’t a superpower, I don’t know what is! Can you even imagine licking yourself and making your body waterproof? Well, cats are definitely a wonder in that way.

Reason 5

Licking their body helps cat reduce stress. This is quite important for any living being. Stress is a bad influence and reducing stress helps the cat remain in better health. Cats even lick themselves while they are having a fight. Quite an interesting way to reduce stress I will say! What do you think?

So, do you still think self-licking is a stupid thing to do? I guess not! Wish us humans could do the same!

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