How Many Days a cat Can Live Without Water

​Food and water are mainly essential for both humans and pets. Drinking water is very important in maintaining an overall wellness and replace those fluids that we lost when sweating or urinating. Since cat does all these tasks, it is essential that they have an access to drinking areas all the time.

​Cats are pets that came desert areas so they can last for some days without water. Also, the wild feral cats get the fluids they need from the prey itself. This is the reason why they last longer in the wild compared to your pets at home.

​It’s the owner’s responsibilities to give their basic needs mainly food and water. No one wants to put their lovely felines in a very hard situation by not providing all the basic needs.

​However, what if your cat suddenly stops drinking water? An unexpected change in your cat’s diet is very alarming. Loss of appetite is one of the signs that something is wrong in their body. In this article, you’ll find the answers to how long can a cat go without water.

How Much Water Should A Cat Drink

​If your feline friend eats a lot of food then that means he’s taking a high number of calories. In this case, your cat needs more water to maintain body temperature. Adult cats should drink the amount of water that is equal to what he eats. Also, if your feline friend is eating a dry food, they need to drink more water every day. You can assess if he drinks lots of fluids if their coat is shiny and no dryness.

​Ideally, the cat needs to drink for about 2-4 ounces of water daily to maintain its hydration. Dry food only consists of 10 percent of water compared to wet food which has about 80 percent of water.

​Another thing is that the water consumption requirement of your feline friend depends on the following factors:

  • The body sizeSmaller cats do not need a lot of water intake compared to adults.
  • The type of food they eat. As mentioned above, cats that eat dry food needs to consume more water than those that eat wet food.
  • The activity of your cat
  • How many times your cat urinates on a regular basis
  • The weather and environment
  • Age and overall wellness

What Will Happen If Your cat Do Not Drink Enough Water?

  • ​Your cat can suffer from dehydration. In this case, your furry friend does not drink enough water but remains active and urinate most of the time. If they lose fluids and minerals in their body, they may not be able to survive and can cause a shocking effect on your cat’s health.
  • Due to dehydration, your cat may suffer from dry gums, constipation, vomiting and increased heart rate.
  • Another factor of dehydration, your cat may experience mood changes and lethargy.

How Long Can a Cat go Without Water?

How Long Can a Cat go Without Water

It is possible for a pet cat to live without water for a few days. However, if he is not given any amount of water for more than 7 days, he can die. Without the water intake, the mass of the muscle will be lessened. If the drinks water without any food, he can survive for more than 15 days. If the cat eats wet food but does not drink water, it cannot survive for more than a week.

​If your cat survived this period, another problem arises like kidney failure.

How Can You Avoid This Problem?

​You can always avoid such kind of problem by taking some precautions. The first thing you need to do is always keep their bowls filled with water whenever you plan to go out of the house. By doing this, you’ll avoid your cat to experience any inconvenience.

​Another thing is that, make sure that your cat drinks a lot of water every day to fight dehydration and maintain a healthy life all the time. Moreover, adding a warm water to their food will give it a grayish texture that cats usually love in their diet. It also helps warm the food especially if it came from the fridge overnight.

Final Thoughts

​Although felines can survive for days without water, it is necessary to keep them hydrated most of the time. This also means that as a cat owner, it is your responsibility to make the water available to them all the time and replacing it regularly. Do not forget also to clean their bowls whenever you need to change the water.

​Cats make a great companion. They offer us the love and company we need. They make us happy with their cute and playful behavior. It’s just right to take very good care of them and make sure that they live a healthier life.