Why does my Cat Eat Paper?

cat chewing paper

​Cats are very adorable animals, they love playing and sometimes fond of eating anything they see around including the paper!

​This behavior is possible especially if your fur baby is kept in a place without any stimulation such as having a toy to play with. We can’t really understand why do cats eat paper. Some of their cravings also include eating catnip, mice, plants, rubber bands, shoes, plastic and anything you name it.

​This behavior is called pica which is very common in cats. According to some study, oriental cats are prompt to this action. Some owners often ask; why does my cat eat paper? Here are the following reasons for these unexplained doings.

my cat eat paper

​Cats may find it rewarding and fun! Paper is something they can put their claws into it and tear it easily. This is the reasons why you noticed some cats love striking the toilet paper or playing around in a paper bag due to boredom and for them, this material is very entertaining. Paper bags are a good spot for hiding which brought noises that can easily get the attention of their owners.

​This kind of habit is nothing to worry about but some feline takes it seriously and even eat the paper. Any cat owners do not need to genius in order to figure out the reasons for this. Paper is obviously not a food and your cat might be telling you something is wrong.

Other Factors of Paper Eating
Medical Issues

​The habit can be associated with medical problems. Cats that are suffering from inflamed or irritated gums might cause him to chew anything just to ease the itchiness. Kittens are also predisposed to this behavior since they also lose teeth just like humans. Pica cats can be related to other health issues like immunodeficiency virus, leukemia, diabetes or tumor in the brain.


​Another concern is the diet. Are you sure that your friend is getting the right nutrition he needs? Are you sure that the food has the needed health benefits? Always ​​check the label before purchasing it. Some cat food has additives that are not necessarily required. As a matter of fact, anemic cats tend to it papers. It appears to be normal for them to eat anything in this case including the grass.

Marking the Spot

​Chewing the paper also means leaving the scent to it. It’s their way of saying, it’s their property and it only belongs to them.

Smell of the Paper

​The scent of the paper can also be a factor. A paper that has a strong scent may cause him to eat it. For example, if you recently moved from a new house and the paper still has the smell of the old house, the cat may be drawn to this paper.

Genetic Reasons

​Pica cats can also be due to hereditary.

Environmental Influence

​If your cat is bored and frequently seeking for attention, he may tend to do it. In this case, physical stimulation is needed.

How Will You Stop this Habit?

cat eating tissues

​When you’ve finally figure out the reasons for this weird behavior, the owners must understand that in order to stop this, it takes a lot of hard work and patience on your end.

  • Adjusting the Diet – Do this with the diet plan recommended by your vet. Increase fiber intake may be encouraged.
  • Remove any temptation – Keep the rubbers, paper, plants and anything thy chew away from their sight. Also, keep the bathroom closed at all times.
  • Offer other chewable items – Give your friend an alternative for chewing that will not cause harm to them like toys and raw chicken. Discuss this with your vet.
  • Provide physical stimulation ​​​​  One of the main reason for eating paper is boredom. Provide physical stimulation like making a time to play with your cat once in a while. Release those extra energies they have that will keep them relaxed at the end of the day.
  • Minimize stress – Stress can also be a big factor and is not very healthy for your feline friend. Even a simple thing like having a new visitor at home can cause anxiety. Do what is necessary to minimize the stress.
  • Talk to the vet – If anything else fails, talk to the vet and ask for recommendations that will help your friend address the strange behavior.

Preventing Physical Illness

cat eating toilet paper

​While eating papers seems a harmless manner, without your knowledge it can result in internal blockage. If you notice that your cat started eating paper, talk to your vet about this as soon as possible to assess for any possibility of dental issues or nutritional deficiency. In severe cases, the vet may suggest removing the claws if he uses it to tear the paper. When this behavior is uncontrollable, your friend may need a professional help from a behaviorist.

Does Eating Paper Hurt my Cat?

​The paper itself is not the problem but the internal blockage mentioned above is the main concern especially if ingested too much of it. If this happens, take your cat immediately to the vet to ensure his safety and good health.