Cats Feel Depressed

​Cats are part of the family that needs a social life. They create a special bond with people and other animals. If left alone at home without any companion, they easily become bored and sleep more than the normal hours compare to the other cats that have a persistent companion. Lonely cats sometimes find ways to keep themselves entertained such as unrolling the tissue paper in the toilet or anything.

Do Cats Get Depressed When Left Alone?

It’s normal for them to get depressed especially when left alone for the long period of time. Yes, it’s true that they can be dependent but even humans get bored without social life once in a while.

​Just like humans, cats experience the same feeling of depression, anxiety and loneliness.

​Signs of Loneliness in Cats:

  • ​They tend to be destructive inside the house
  • Showing the owners how unhappy they are when being left alone by creating loud sounds
  • Acting aggressively whenever you’re leaving the house
  • Over-grooming. Tugging at their fur or grooming excessively to express that they need attention
  • Spraying. Urinating in different parts of the house to make sure you observed the unnecessary behavior of being left alone. This includes defecating outside the litter box involving the bed or carpet. They are mixing their scent with the owners
  • Cats become clingy and not letting their owners leave the house
  • Other express their sadness by avoiding contact with their human. Kittens happen to stop or increase eating

​You know your feline friend very well so don’t be sad. If you observed any of the following signs above, start doing something new for them. Look for ways to keep your cat entertained at all times even if you’re on a budget. As a matter of fact, removing their favorite toys helps bring out the interest back in them.

How to Entertain Your Cat?

How to Entertain Your Cat

​To divert your cat’s depression, try the follow these suggestions:

  • ​Make sure to provide them a window with a clear view. You can also place their favorite toys in this area
  • While you’re away, leave the TV or radio on to soothe their feeling
  • Bird watching also helps. It could be a great source of entertainment for them. Put some bird seeds outside the window so your friend can enjoy the view. Just do not forget to close the window
  • Change some behavior routine. Some experts suggest that owners must ignore them for 15 minutes prior to leaving the house and do the same when arrived. Place a distracting toy in one area before leaving and remove the toy once the owners come back home
  • Leave them with a pal. Some felines are better with a companion. Leave them with a pal having the same body size as them so they could have someone to play and sleep with while you’re gone
  • Encourage some interacting activities even though you’re not around. This play session includes treasure hunts which are very fun and entertaining. You can place some treats of cat foods on different parts of your home like boxes, shelves, and toys to find. Before doing so, place your cat in a room so he couldn’t see where the treats are placed. Do this play session before leaving the house
Entertain Your Cat
  • Do not say long goodbyes. This could be very depressing for cats even for humans. Do not try to cuddle your cat before leaving the house. You could try to say “see you later” and smile at them
  • Use a medication. An anti-anxiety drug is given to cats with severe separation anxiety. Tablets like valerian or skullcap can be used as a natural remedy for treating the said condition. However, it’s best to ask these to your vet
  • Be consistent with the scheduled that could help your cat not to feel lonely. The time for all the things mentioned above should be applied for doing all the activities your cat loves the most like grooming, playing and treasure hunts. Also, they need to be fed on a regular schedule. An auto feeder is also helpful in this case

Even though anti-anxiety drugs are seeming to be working for your feline friend, it won’t still solve the issues alone. As an owner, you have to help your cat adjust and learn not to feel depressed inside your home.

Special Considerations

It’s best that you spend time with your cat to avoid the feeling of loneliness. Play with them for about 15 to 20 minutes every day to keep them active mentally and physically. By doing this, it also reduces the risk of becoming obese. Contact your vet immediately if you notice any signs of depression or feeling of lethargic as this could indicate some medical concerns. If you’re thinking about getting a cat at home, you should know that it takes a huge responsibility and a serious commitment needing a medical care, food and most of all the attention from you. If you think you are able to provide all of these, then having a cat with you is fun. Another thing you can do is adopt another feline friend for your cat to keep her active and alleviate the boredom.