What Are the Daily Problems of Cat Owners and How to Fix Them

Daily problems of Cats

​The cat is one of the man’s favorite pets, rivaling only by dogs. But did you know that owning a cat was once ancient Egypt’s symbol of elegance and regarded them with the highest esteem?

They also mummified cats to honor them like the honor they gave to their Pharaohs, the ruler of ancient Egypt.

Today, they are regarded as lovable pets, although most of them are hardheaded and spoiled brats…you can’t seem to hate them, but love them still. Here are the top 10 common problems cat owners encounter every day with their pet and find out how to fix these problems with this worthwhile article. Read on, folks!

Daily problems of Cat Owners and how to fix them?

Daily problems of Cat

Cat hair everywhere

You can’t totally eliminate this problem unless you shave off all of your cat’s hair. Although you can minimize it, trying more than one solutions may be a welcome suggestion. You can vacuum off your cat’s hair occasionally after every bath (when its hair is already dry) or when you notice several hairs falling off the couch. Use small vacuum machine, like the one use in your car’s seat.

If you want to make sure that you have no cat hair when you are going outside to work or just want to stroll in the park, use a lint roller on your clothes. This will certainly clean your clothing of unwanted hair.

When you are trying to sleep but your cat keeps bugging you because it is hungry

Cats always love to eat especially when there is food around. But when it suddenly gets hungry while you are trying to take a nap, give him food that he would devour for a long time to give you an opportunity to sleep. The best type of food that you could give him during this time are dry foods, which take longer to chew and swallow while his favorite toy is on the side, this would give you ample time to sleep.

When your cat wants to watch TV uncontrollably

cat wants to watch TV

It is good to let your cat watch TV occasionally, but when it takes longer than usual, there is something wrong. Try to set the TV on a timer, say 3 hours in a given day. At this time, when the TV shuts off while he is watching, he has no other option but to call it quits!

Your cat keeps occupying your favorite blanket

Cats love warm places as they are warm-blooded creatures, like other mammals, and they want to feel body temperature all the time.They seek warmth when the ambient temperature plummets that is why they always lay on a thick blanket during cold weather.

To keep him from using your blanket, try to put the same type of blanket on his favorite nesting place, say at the foot of the bed. This will make him more comfortable while your blanket is kept safe.

When your cat poops everywhere

Cats poop where there is soft soil as they like to bury their “thing” after every ritual. Better to have a cat litter available every time and place it where your cat loves to poop. Ironically, you must teach your cat to use this stuff so you won’t have any problem cleaning his poop every day. Don’t worry, as you know it, cats are fast learners.

When your cat occupies your storage or cabinets

Again, cats love warmth places especially when it is cold. They also seek a place where it is darker and the temperature is much higher than the cold temperature outside. To keep them away from your cabinets and storage rooms, shut the door always.

If these places have no doors, find a suitable place in the house where it is darker and if the temperature is still colder, lay a thick blanket on the floor. Your cat will certainly seek this place and stay there until it becomes hungry.

Your cat always play on your sneakers while you dress up

Cats love to play with strings, that, we all know. Historically, cats in the wild would chase snakes and attack them out of their territory, because they presumed snakes will eat up any prey.

That is their instinct and might be carried by their genes over the years. To keep them away from you while you are dressing to work, give him a piece of rolled yarn which he can wiggle and drag across the floor. This will take away his attention from you.

Having lots of trash (such as cardboard or plastic) all over the house

Cats really love to play with any object he sees inside our home. Luckily, cats have the tendency to stay indoors whenever they spot a potential plaything scattered around the household. To minimize or totally eliminates this bad attitude, try to have plastic or rubber balls near their play area (choose smaller balls so they can carry it with their paws).

This way, they will play with non-hazardous objects with no possibility of being swallowed. Additionally, plastic and cardboard could be swallowed when they are scratched. Furthermore, always see to it that your trash is properly sealed in the trash can.

When your cat wants marathon cuddling session

Contrary to the popular belief that cats are loners, most species are cuddly companions needing your attention and caress simply because they get sad when you are not around. Cuddling not only makes your cat feel the warmth of your love, it also provides him some quality time with you.

But when this becomes more often and more obsessive, a problem arises as you can’t do other activities. The best thing to do is lay the cat, again in a thick blanket, and cuddle him until he falls asleep. This could take minimal time as compared cuddling him around your arms.

You are always cut with your cat’s sharp claws

This often happens to cat-owners. To avoid this problem, the only solution is to clip his nails. But be careful on cutting his nails, only the white part of its nails need to be cut and avoid the pinkish spot, called “quick”, as this part contains blood vessel which is very painful when cut. And always remember, always keep your cat totally relaxed and at ease whenever you trim his nails.

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