The Basics of Having Kittens – Baby Kittens Tips For You

Having Kittens

​Breeding cats intentionally or even accidentally can be an adventure! It’s best to be prepared as much as you can but expect some unexpected things to happen on this adventure! Cats have a relatively short gestational period, and once the kittens are here you can expect a whole new set of unexpected surprises! I’m going to go over some basics of cat pregnancy, birth and raising kittens.

How long does it take a cat to have Kitten?

​Cats generally have a gestational period of sixty-five days, but don’t panic if they arrive sooner or even a few days later. Like any other baby, they’ll come when they are ready! It is best to know when she is due and monitor her closely as time gets closer. Be sure to seek veterinary care if things seem off.

What to do when your cat has kittens

​As your cat is nearing the end of her pregnancy she will be on the lookout for a safe place to have her babies. Unless you have her in a confined location that safe place could very well end up being in a dresser drawer!

Baby Kittens walking around in the garden

To prepare for her big day confine her in a safe location in your house, preferably somewhere you can observe her without disturbing her while she’s giving birth. Provide her with a place to have her kittens, this could be a cardboard box or even a clean covered litter box with clean blankets or towels.

Remember that momma cats can be unpredictable and she may not use the box if there’s another place in the room that she seems to be safer! Do not try to move her to the box if she chooses somewhere else. Just observe from a distance and allow her to deliver the kittens without stressing her out. Her labor could be quick and be over in minutes or it could take hours. Don’t get too worried unless she appears to be in distress.

​One thing you should know when your cat have kittens is nutrition. To know detail about food what you should use to feed your baby kittens, please see best kitten food brands

Why do cats move their kittens?

Why do cats move their kittens

​Once the kittens arrive it is best to handle them as little as possible for the first couple weeks. If you MUST handle them, use gloves and make sure the momma is comfortable with your presence. If a momma cat feels like her kittens are in danger she will move her kittens to someplace safer.

Often mother cats will move their kittens once they start moving around to keep them more confined. If the kittens are outside the mother will move them to keep them out of the weather, or for any reason she thinks they may not be safe.

​Why do kittens meow so much?

Why do kittens meow so much

​You may notice that the kittens meow a lot. This isn’t something you need to worry too much about. The kittens meow to let their mom know they are cold or hungry. Most momma cats will respond naturally to their kittens needs.

When do kittens get teeth?

​Kittens live exclusively off their mother’s milk for the first three weeks, at that time their baby teeth will start coming in and you should provide a dish of soft kitten food and water for them at all times. They will explore eating the kitten food between three and four weeks and should be eating quite well by the time they are eight weeks. Their adult teeth will come in between sixteen and eighteen weeks.

When can kittens leave their mother and go to new homes?

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Kittens will start being more independent around six to eight weeks. This is when you’ll notice them leaving their box by themselves more. Some people believe that this is when you can give them away to new homes. However, it’s in the best interest of the kitten to have their first full round of shots before leaving their mother so it’s not recommended to give them away until they are at least twelve weeks. For more information on kittens check out Newborn Kitten, What You Should Know.

When do kittens become adult cats?

kittens become adult cats

There are some differing opinions on when a kitten is considered an adult cat. Some say it’s six months, some believe it is more like a year. The reality is that it really depends on the cat! Some mature quicker than others. Most cats will have the appearance of being an adult around six months but I actually consider this the teenage period! They may have adult like appearances but internally they are still kitten like and not ready for adult activities! If you’re not planning on using them for breeding in the future 6 months would be an ideal age to get them spayed or neutered.

Whether it’s planned or an unexpected surprise there’s no arguing that having kittens around can sure make things interesting! Mother cats are generally pretty mindful of their kittens so sit back and enjoy them! They will be grown up and out of the house before you know it!