How to Prevent Old Cat to Pee Everywhere


​Accidents happen sometimes but it’s a big problem when cats stop using the litter box. If your fur friend was trained to use their box since younger years and suddenly peeing in several spots around your house, you have a big issue here.

​Cat owners must remember too that your pet is unhappy about what is currently going on. They are known as very clean animals. If your old cats’ pees everywhere inappropriately, they might be trying to tell you that there is something wrong. There are different reasons for this behavior and it’s up to the cat owners to know why it continues. Read the following below to find the possible reasons and solutions to your cat’s behavioral problem. Let’s go first with medical reasons.

Old Cats

​One of the most common reasons why your old friend pee around the house is about medical problem and owners must be able to consider this occurrence first. If your old cat is well trained and starts peeing everywhere, the first thing you must do is visit a vet.

  • UTI – Your old friend might be suffering from UTI or Urinary Tract Infections which is very common in cats. This kind of infection cause him pain and eventually refuse to use the litter box. You might see him having difficulty urinating with very little or none comes out. It might also be the best way for your cat to communicate with you that he’s feeling something wrong. If the infection is left untreated, it can lead to scarring. Scars occupy space in the bladder which makes less space for the urine.
  • Stones or Kidney Infections – These medical conditions are also common in cats. Does your cat always pee? Is there any blood present in the urine? If yes, then it could be some kidney problems
  • Bacterial InfectionAlso called as cystitis. This could be another problem and it’s more common for older cats
  • Diabetic Condition – Another cause of frequent urination. Diabetes in cats can be deadly if left untreated. If your friend is experiencing unusual thirst and goes to litter box but can’t make it there on time, diabetes could be the problem
  • Incontinent – Middle age to older cats have the possibility to become incontinent especially for large breeds or overweight cats.
  •  Pain – If your old friend is in pain for some reasons, this could prevent them to use their litter box.

​The best thing to do as a cat owner is to take them to the vet. Proper diagnosis and treatment can be given to your cat to solve the health issue.

Don’t forget to Check the Litter Box

Check the Litter Box

​If the litter box is dirty or if there so much on it, your cat may start finding other places to pee. The litter box should be clean daily. The cat’s sense of smell is stronger than humans. Knowing that they are very clean animals, they’re not going to use dirty or smelly litter box leading them to find other places to do their business. Moreover, most cats would love to use an unscented litter box.

​Make sure that the litter box is easily accessible. If it is placed in an area that is difficult to find or get through, small or too few, it’s recommended that you get another one or bigger size. Older cats might not be able to reach the litter box on time anymore and may need much easier access. It could also be that they have outgrown their box and wants a new one. This time, give him what he needs!

​They love privacy! If their box is placed in an unnecessary area, move it to a different part of your home. Somewhere they could have a privacy at least!

Never place the litter box near where they eat.

​Have you made some changes recently on the litter box like the amount of litter, liner and cleansers? It could be one of the causes of inappropriate urination.

Behavioral Problems Why Old Cats Pees Everywhere

​If your old friend is in good health but still peeing everywhere in the house, then it might be the behavioral causes. As a matter of fact, a stressed cat has the tendency the pee outside the litter box. If this happens, the cat might be frustrated or confused. You can’t blame your friend for his action, it will take time for him to deal with the anxiety and stress. As a cat owner, you need to figure out what is causing him to behave like this.

  1. ​Changes in the Environment – It could be very stressful for cats if there are any changes made such as moving to a new house, bringing another pet, addition to a family member which might cause them stress. Try putting yourself in your cat’s perspective. If he feels threatened for some reasons, he will eventually do something.
  2. Territorial Conflict – If he feels unwelcome at home because some other pets occupied their territory including the litter box, then he will be forced to look for other places for bathroom purposes. If you have more than one cat at home, get more litter box.

What to Do to Avoid Cats Pee Everywhere in the House

Cat Urine

​The very 1st thing you need to do is to figure out the reasons above. Inappropriate urination is one of their way of telling you something is wrong

​Do not yell or hurt them physically when they do such behavior. This will never solve the issue; you will only bring more stress to them. Thus, you never want your old friend to be afraid of you. Talk to them with soft tones.

​When the cat uses his litter box appropriately, offer positive reinforcement such as petting them, praising him and letting him know how happy you are when he used his box. This is very necessary and works most of the time. By praising him, he knows he has done it correctly and eventually gives you the result you’re expecting rather than yelling or hurting them. In this situation, always remain calm and do what is best for your old friend.

​Start visiting a vet. Cats are very clean and will not start peeing everywhere if they want to. In most cases, not using their litter box could mean medical issues. Old cats urinate more and at risk of developing kidney problems, UTI and diabetes. Dealing with the problem as soon as possible might solve the issue in the house as well.

​Always change the litter box frequently. If your old friend is going to their as frequent as he used to, this means that you also need to change the litter box as often as needed. They might end up looking for other places to pee if the box is dirty. It is also suggested to get an additional box and place it somewhere accessible in the house especially for older cats who suffer from dementia and forgets where the box is placed and likely to use any spots in the house.

​Think like a senior for the sake of your friend. If you had arthritis, you wouldn’t’ want to climb high to get into your comfortable room. It’s the same thing for your cats. If getting into their box needs some climbing or jumping, that’s not going to be helpful for them. Make it accessible and easy to find.

What Are the Things to Remember?

Choose The Best Automatic Cat Litter Box

​It is important for cat owners not to punish or blame their senior cats for this situation and not to assume that the problem will be solved by themselves.

​You need to take them to the vet or feline specialists if it is available in your area. It will be very helpful to diagnose his medical conditions especially for old cats and provide him the treatment he needs. Make sure to work on this as soon as possible and follow all the treatment plan provided by your vet.

​Have patience regardless of how long the treatment could be. Most cases can be solved with simple steps. Being aware of the situation of your old friend will ensure you and other feline members in keeping a healthy and stress-free life altogether.