NUTRISCA is a very nutritious, premium cat food that is sure to please both owners and cats alike. Owners will love the diverse array of high-quality ingredients and supplements included in the food to ensure that it keeps your cat healthy, and cats will love it for its fantastic, meaty taste. Additionally, because NUTRISCA is made in the USA, you can rest assured that it is produced under the some of the strictest food safety and quality regulations in the world. However, NUTRISCA is not designed to be an ordinary cat food – it is actually a grain- and potato-free product that has a very low glycemic index, which may help overweight cats shed a few pounds.


Pros: Your cat is a carnivore, and NUTRISCA addresses this by including whole salmon and other supplemental protein sources. However, your cat also needs his vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, so NUTRISCA is made with an impressive collection of fruits and vegetables. NUTRISCA also features several ingredients that are rich in omega fatty acids and will help promote good coat and skin health.

Cons: Although it may not be a perfect food, there aren’t many problems with NUTRISCA. A very small number of cats reportedly found the food unpalatable, and it is made without any supplemental probiotics to help support proper digestive health. However, you can always provide probiotic supplements to your cat if you like. However, on balance, this is a very high-quality cat food.

Ingredients: The ingredient list for NUTRISCA leaves very little to be desired. Salmon is the first listed ingredient, but it also features menhaden fish meal and salmon meal to provide even more protein and ensure it tastes great to your cat. After getting past the protein sources on the ingredient list, you’ll notice that NUTRISCA has a wonderful list of fruits and vegetables included in the recipe. For example, it includes carrots and peas, which are relatively common cat food ingredients, but it also includes celery, lettuce, spinach, and beets, which aren’t as common. It includes blueberries to ensure your cat gets the antioxidants necessary to keep his immune system working properly, and it includes cranberries to protect the health of his urinary tract. Additionally, several vitamin and mineral supplements are included to ensure your cat doesn’t develop any deficiencies.

Price: NUTRISCA is surprisingly affordable, given its impressive ingredient list and the fact that it is made in the USA. In fact, it is priced at a similar level to many budget options. To try to maximize your cat-food-dollar, consider purchasing NUTRISCA in the largest quantities possible.

Ideal For: NUTRISCA’s salmon-flavored recipe is designed for cats that need to lose weight or eat a low-glycemic-load food to remain healthy. However, it would also represent a good meal for most healthy adult cats, unless they are underweight. It is not, however, suitable for kittens, and it is not formulated with seniors in mind. This food should also be given consideration by budget-limited owners, as there are rarely such high-quality foods available for a remarkably affordable price.

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