There’s no doubt about it, cats are mysterious creatures. Here, find explanations for some of the most common cat behaviors—like why cats knead and purr—and get advice on how to better care for your cat throughout his life, from kitten-training to understanding his habits as a senior cat

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Do Both Cats Get Along? – Enjoyable Things You Need to Know

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10 Reasons I Didn’t Declaw My Cat Sokka and You Too!

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Cats Intelligent

Are Cats Intelligent? Which Pet is Smarter?

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What is Cat Kneading and Why Do Cats Knead Their Owners?

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How To Teach Cats Tricks

How To Teach Cats Tricks- Top 10 Cat Tricks You Can Teach Your Cat

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Why Is It Important That Your Cats Groom Each Other

Why Is It Important That Your Cats Groom Each Other?

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