There’s no doubt about it, cats are mysterious creatures. Here, find explanations for some of the most common cat behaviors—like why cats knead and purr—and get advice on how to better care for your cat throughout his life, from kitten-training to understanding his habits as a senior cat

When Do Cats Go in Heat

When Do Cats Go in Heat? – Things You Need to Know

​Like any other female animals, cats do experience cycles that construct their bodies for fertilization and birth process. For a female human, this period...
a Newborn Kitten

Newborn Kittens What You Should Know – Step Guide

​In the initial few weeks of his life, the newborn kittens are more concerned about how to survive and learning the survival skills. His...
Having Kittens

The Basics of Having Kittens – Baby Kittens Tips For You

​Breeding cats intentionally or even accidentally can be an adventure! It’s best to be prepared as much as you can but expect some unexpected...
How to bathe your kitten

How To Bathe Your Kitten Without Trouble?

​Cats love to groom themselves. They will take care of themselves and will remain perfectly shiny and clean and will seldom look like they...