10 Of The Most ADDICTIVE Videos For Cats To Watch

​Seeing our cat excited was a cute scene we simply could not get enough, when the cats were glued to the watching the screen simply could not help laughing. Cat videos are now popular with countless views on Youtube.

​The actual level of attention in cats and television videos may vary between cats and cats. The tracking form they follow may also change what they see. Stuff report information processing needs to be faster than humans, so the graphics on conventional 50Hz television sets often seem to be creating a flicker of mind, garbled. But on newer LCDs it has a frame rate of 100Hz and most likely the cats find identical things on the screen.

​Why Do Cats Love Watching Cat Videos?

Videos For Cats

​Cats obviously only benefit from entertaining birds, insects, birds and all kinds of prey when watching cat videos.

But it can function as the domestication of the cat itself which has caused the cats to crave this particular digital window into the surface world.

Along with the development of urban legend, the cat's maintenance lifestyle has made them an ideal choice for both urban and apartment dwellers.

​Unfortunately, especially for the in-house catsthey, there is simply not enough visual stimulation.

​Most homes in the town will have a limited number of windows, and also the windows may be difficult to get for cats minus the owner's perch cat window sometimes. ignore

While their owners go out for a long time throughout the day at work, cats can become quite tired, stressed or depressed.

​Cat Videos Are Beneficial To Cats

​Allow the cat in your home to see a few videos of birds, squirrels, fish or just some silly cat games on the TV screen or iPad, clearly, brings some excitement and joy into their lives. Although this electronic stimulation can not replace their conventional hunter instincts, so it can provide some temporary relief. This can be a very fun way to do much to reduce stress and sadness that can sometimes affect pets in the home.

​Luckily there is a wide range of videos for cats to watch on Youtube, and we have compiled a list of our favorites.

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​2. Videos & Movies for Cats to Watch Squirrels - Squirrel World

​3. Movies and Videos for Cats to Watch SPECIAL - The Chirping Birds

​4. The Ultimate Videos of Birds for Cats To Watch

​5. Videos for Cats to Watch - Birds on the Fence and Bench

​6. Sounds for Cats to Go Crazy - Watch Squirrels in Wonderland and Birds Chirping

​7. Videos For Cats To Watch - AWESOME One Hour of Birds Coming and Going

​8.Videos For Cats To Watch - Squirrels, Robin and Great Tit Birds

​9. Videos For Cats to Watch Birds & Squirrels - The Ultimate Video for Your Cat

​10. Videos for Cats to Watch - Squirrels and Birds at The Forest Phone Box