When Can You Give Kitten Adult Food

​When you bring your kitten home, all you think about is to give the right food designed for their age. Time will come that kittens will be eating adult food and that happens very soon without even knowing it. It is just right to plan ahead of time the type of food to give made for adult cats. You can find several premium adult foods in pet stores or ask your vet about it.

​During teenage years of cats, they still play. Maturity develops quickly making them a full grown adult cat. You could see the changes by 6-8 months but they are still considered kittens. Their bones are still growing stronger. When they reach adulthood, the nutrition need in this period is different from the younger ages and it is best to give them the right diet that is appropriate according to their age group.

What is a Grain Free Cat Foo​d

​High quality cat adult food is important. Transferring their diet into this kind of food is a must. Not following the right nutritional needs according to their age may cause digestive problems and other health issues. It is certainly not going to work out giving them anything you could ever think of. It won’t be able to sustain the nutrition their body needs. A baby for example, when it’s time to feed them table food, you will certainly won’t give food which has less nutrition. All you want is the best for the baby. The same goes for kittens that are soon to mature.

They need the best food designed for their age to keep them happy and healthy. Select the kind of cat food prepared to meet all nutritional needs such as:

  • ​Excellent quality ingredients
  • Balanced level of fat, protein, carbohydrates and rich in vitamins and minerals
  • A good taste that cats will love

​Remember that being healthy means a happy cat. Selecting the right cat food for them makes them feel better in what they do thus providing a long lasting life. Benefits of high quality cat food are:

  • ​Making their muscle tone stronger
  • Coat is more likely to become shiny
  • Strong bones and healthy skin
  • Clear eyesight and good teeth
  • Solid stools

Cats less than one year of age are still considered as kittens and it’s necessary to be feed them with kitten formula food. Most cat owners ask, when can kittens eat adult food? When is the best time to transition kitten food to adult food?

The Best Time to Switch

Kitten Food

When the kitten reach 1 year of age, this is the best time to switch them to adult food and change their diet. When implementing the transition of food, it is beneficial to monitor the weight and body state. If you notice any unnecessary changes, adjust the transition to small portions as much as possible. We are aware that cats eat only what they want. Make the food available for them anytime. Let them eat whenever they want, just make sure you are providing the diet they need.

For indoor cats, this strategy is not always effective. Since these cats are not getting exercise, they may be overfed. In this case, control the feeding twice a way and set up a routine for this.

​To know how much food to give your mature cat, talk to your vet about the recommendations or read it on the label. Use the proper guidelines instructed. Monitor the weight once a week to know if you are doing it correctly. Both gaining and losing weight is not healthy at all. If this happens, adjust the daily food intake and do the monitoring again for the following week.

How to Introduce Adult Cat Food?

​Kittens grow every day and their body may need food that is rich in high energy element necessary for their daily activities. As the kitten turns to teenage cat, adjusting the diet is important. Slowly introduce the kitten to adult food after 12 months or the time when your vet says so. In order to prevent intestinal problems, do the transition of kitten food to adult food for 4 days using the following techniques:

  • ​1st day: Occupy your kitten’s bowl with 75% of kitten food with 25% of adult food
  • 2nd day: This is the best time to mix half ration of the kitten food and half of adult food.
  • 3rd day: This time fill the bowl with 75% of adult food with 25% of kitten food
  • 4th day: Completely give adult food

Cats on Adult Food

​Just like any other cats in the wild which prepares to eat meat that have recently been killed, their natural instinct is still in their blood. The kitten is born carnivore and they prefer to eat adult food at room temperature. It is suggested not to give it straight from the fridge. Allow it to be warm before serving it to them. 

​During the period when the adult food is introducing to your kitten, try to feed them first with canned food. It is better this way than going to dry food. Canned food is easily digested and would love by the kittens because of the moisture. The higher the moisture content, the better. It will prevent them from acquiring possible health problems like kidney stones.

​Make sure to transition the food with caution. It is a great way to help the kitten adjust to the new food introduced to them. Moreover, keep your vet updated about what is going on and ask them for best advice regarding your kitten’s health.