Why Cats Smacks their Lips? – The Key things You Need to Know

Why Cats Smacks their Lips

​Have you ever asked why does my cat smack his lips? This behavior can be very concerning for most cat owners as they do not know what is going on or what could possibly happen especially if this episode is associated with other symptoms like loss of appetite, vomiting, weakness and diarrhea.

​There are cats that smack their lips than the others. There are also some felines that lick other things at home like the floor, window and etc. It is true that cats do not lick a lot. It can actually catch your attention if your friend has been doing this a lot and suddenly stops. It could be a sign of health problems. Here is helpful information why do felines smack their lips.

Why Do My Cats Smack His Lips?

Cat is Smacking Her Lips

1. Ptyalism

​This is a physical symptom that includes excessive salivation. Your feline friend may be producing an increased amount of saliva that is hardly manageable. This may cause continuous lip smacking. You should not worry if she’s doing this once in a while but too much is not always good. Symptoms associated with ptyalism include loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting.

​If any of these symptoms appear, this is the right time to take your feline to the vet. Pytalism may be caused by other health issues so monitor your cat all the time and make sure to provide the proper care that he needs.

2. Xerostomia

​Another condition is called xerostomia or also known as the dry mouth syndrome. The cat may appear pushing out the tongue while licking the lips. This condition affects older cats that previously had renal failure. It is also associated with extreme dryness of the gums so it’s best to check the mouth at the same time.

3. Vomiting

​Cats do smack his lips too much after vomiting due to the increased salivation and continuously swallowing. If your feline friend experienced this condition that related to vomiting continuously, this is the best time to take him to the vet to identify any possible health problem and treat it accordingly.

​Cats also vomit after accidentally ingest something they should not. It could also be coughing up some hairball. Other the things mentioned above, if you have other concerns, talk to your vet about the condition.

4. Dental Issues

Cat Have Stinky Breath

​Another reason for smacking his lips is because of de​​​​ntal problems like having a broken tooth or there is something stuck in the mouth. You might want to check it as well. The best way to know the problem regarding dental health is to take them to the vet so they can assess it.

5. Stomach Problem

​Is your cat eat something that causes stomach upset? This could be one of the reasons why your feline friend smacks his lips. If this is the reason, your feline may experience loss of appetite and fatigue. After the stomach upset is being treated, your friend may be back to being happy again.

What You Should Do to Help?

  • ​The very first thing you need to do when your feline friend started smacking his lips is to assess his overall attitude and behavior to come up with any possible medical issues.
  • Is your cat show any nervousness, anxiety or frighten? Try to assess if the smacking is only for massage purposes or cause of anxiety. If you think this is due to some stress, help your cat be removing the cause of the problem and provide healthy surroundings.
  • It is necessary to find out of the smacking of the lips is because of the medical condition.

​The best way to do this is to bring your feline to the nearest vet. They may need to know when this behavior started and how does it happen? The vet may check for the skin around the face, the gums, lips and teeth. A complete oral assessment may also be conducted to check for any foreign body inside the mouth or if there is an oral ulceration arises. The detailed history is needed as well like what has your cat been eating lately, the pattern, exposure to some toxins or garbage and other things.

Final Thoughts

​Pay attention to your friend’s stress and anxiety for many different reasons including changes in the household, a new pet at home, new food, noises and more. Assess their body language and other things that may contribute to excessive smacking of the lips. You can remove all the stressors by creating sudden changes at home and what you could possibly do to avoid your precious friend from being stress. You can also talk to the cat behaviourist to help you in this case.

​Since excessive smacking of your cat’s lips can be a sign of a health problem or dental concern, talk to your vet about having your friend undergo a physical examination.

​It is also important to let your cat drink enough water every day. Provide the best care and make sure to keep them healthy and happy all the time.